Hubei Normal University is the only one that promotes Chinese language and culture in Northern Ireland, UK. Its Confucius Institute at Ulster University and Confucius Classroom Hubs in Northern Ireland (including eight Confucius Classroom Hubs and one Kongfu Centre) are among the top ten Confucius Institutes in the world, which cover 153 primary schools, middle schools and universities, and have enrolled 18236 students by the end of 2016.With the efforts of the University and its British Partners, the Confucius Institute/Classroom Hubs have been widely recognized and developed into a platform to promote international exchanges in every field, which raises the University's educational level and enhances its reputation. In December 2015, Confucius Institute/Classroom Hubs were commended in the 10th Confucius Institute Conference. Confucius Classroom Hub at Milburn Primary School was awarded as Confucius Classroom of the Year. In December, 2016, our Confucius Institute at Ulster University was awarded as Confucius Institute of the Year and the Pro-vice Chancellor of our partner university,Ulster University, introduced the performances of Confucius Institute at Ulster University. Besides, several vice chairmen of the Council of our Confucius Institute at Ulster University received Individual Performance Excellence Award of the Year or the “Distinguished Contribution Award” by Northern Ireland government.