Two new undergraduate programs,

News source: Academic Affairs Office    Release time: 2020-04-15


According to the “Results of Filing and Approval of Undergraduate Programs in General Institutes of Higher Education in 2019” (Jiaogaohan [2020] No. 2) recently released by the Ministry of Education, HBNU has been approved to offer two new undergraduate programs: Artificial Intelligence and Animation.

The program of Artificial Intelligence is offered by the College of Computer and Information Engineering (CCIE). With complete modern teaching facilities and a strong faculty, CCIE has built 14 experimental teaching centers and laboratories, including a provincial experimental demonstration center, a provincial virtual simulation experimental teaching center, a robot laboratory and a HCI human-computer interaction laboratory. This program will focus on the world's technological development and regional economic and social needs, promote the in-depth application and innovation of artificial intelligence technology in education, build an intelligent education system, and cultivate excellent teachers for basic and vocational education and high-quality application-oriented and cross-disciplinary talents in artificial intelligence.

The College of Fine Arts, by which the program of Animation is offered, has built an animation virtual simulation laboratory, a motion capture laboratory and other teaching platforms. This program is committed to cultivating application-oriented cross-disciplinary talents with a sense of social responsibility, basic theoretical knowledge of animation, innovative animation thinking and the operation abilities in computer-assisted animation design, production, direction and post synthesis.

The two new programs demonstrates one of the important measures taken by HBNU to actively meet the needs of economic and social development, continuously optimize the academic structure, and promote the University's connotative development. HBNU will formulate the construction standards for these two programs in accordance with the Ministry of Education’s National Standards for Undergraduate and Professional Teaching Quality in General Institutes of Higher Education, strengthen academic construction evaluation, optimize the structure of the teaching staff, improve education and teaching conditions, and further improve the characteristic talent training system to promote HBNU's first-class undergraduate education construction and to improve the quality of talent training.