Du Yun, Deputy Director of the Science and Technology Department of Hubei Province, visits HBNU

News Source: CPC Committee Publicity Department          2020-08-26


  (reported by Song Na) On the afternoon of August 24th, Du Yun, Deputy Director of the Science and Technology Department of Hubei Povince, Wu Jun, Chief of Basic Research Division, Fu Lifeng, Chief of Supervision and Integrity Construction Division, Cheng Yanmin and Zhang Ziqiang, Director and Deputy Director of Huangshi Science and Technology Bureau, and relevant staff from the Provincial and Municipal Science and Technology Bureau visited HBNU and had a symposium in the Conference Room in the Information Building. The Party Secretary Zhou Qihong and Vice President Wang Saiyu of HBNU participated in this event and attended the symposium.


Du Yun and his team visited the key laboratory of the College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering and the research laboratory of the Institute for Advanced Materials. Du Yun listened carefully to the reports from relevant colleges on the procurement and usage of laboratory equipment, evaluation mechanism, talent training and achievement, and the laboratory construction.






The symposium was held in the conference room of the Information Building and hosted by Zhou Qihong, who, on behalf of the University, extended a warm welcome to Du Yun and his team, and expressed sincere thanks to the Provincial Department of Science and Technology for its long-term care and support for the scientific and technological work of HBNU. Zhou Qihong pointed out that in recent years, the University had further stimulated scientific researchers’ enthusiasm and scientific innovation ability through deepening the reform of the Three Evaluations and abolishing the Four Only orientation, and had made remarkable achievements. Vice President Wang Saiyu introduced in details the implementation of relevant policies and future work plans of HBNU on deepening the reform of the Three Evaluations and eliminating the paper-only orientation.


Du Yun fully affirmed the University’s achievements at this stage. He pointed out that platform building and talents attraction should be guided by the market demand. HBNU should identify its regional characteristics as a provincial university, and develop its existing platforms based on the discipline characteristics, its advantages and local industrial development needs. He suggested that HBNU should further optimize and reorganize its laboratories, accelerate the transformation of achievements, so as to serve the talents and students cultivation and to promote the development of local industries. He said that Hubei Provincial Department of Science and Technology would continue to support Hubei Normal University in establishing key laboratories and conducting scientific research.




Relevant staff from the Party and Administration Office, Office of Academic Research, HR Department, College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, and Institute for Advanced Materials attended the event.