HBNU students made a great success in China International

News source: College of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Industry-University Cooperation Office    Release time: 2020-09-14  



From September 12th to 13th, the semi-final of the 6th China International Internet + University Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition in Hubei Province was held in Hubei University of Technology. The HBNU team won 3 silver medals and 5 bronze medals.

A total of 3 projects from HBNU have entered the final this year, the largest number entering the final in recent years. The silver award-winning projects are: Kuangzhi AI-Precise Semantic Intelligent Education Service Pioneer (Project leader: Pei Quangli; Project instructors: Pan Min, Yang Xingben, Wang Yanli, Chen Jinguang) Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Immunodiagnostic Kit (Project leader: Wang Qiyun; Project instructors: Jin Yanxia, Wang Weidong) Three-Dimensional Visualization Intelligent Platform (Project leader: Wang Jie; Project instructor: Wan Yuan). In addition, another 5 projects won Bronze Awards, and another 3 won the Bronze Awards of the third Jinyunshan Cup I DreamedChutian Maker contest.

The Hubei Provincial Semi-final of the 6th China International Internet+ University Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition is hosted by the Department of Education of Hubei Province. The competition in Hubei area includes university-level preliminary competitions and a provincial semi-final competition. The total number of participating projects in Hubei Province reached 47,885, with 21,1973 students participating. On the basis of the preliminary competitions of each university, 2128 projects were recommended to enter the provincial semi-final, among which a total of 453 projects were selected to be granted bronze awards and above through the network review. The competition was so fierce that it can be called the Olympic competition for university students. HBNU attached great importance to the organization of the event. From the mobilization in March, the training in April, the College competition in May, and the University preliminary competition in June, to the University rematch in July, project polishing in August, and the provincial semi-final in September, HBNU invested a lot of manpower, material and financial resources to steadily push forward all stages of work, laying a solid foundation for the excellent results of this competition and effectively promoting the innovation and entrepreneurship education of our students.