IAM owns three research laboratories (i.e., the new energy materials laboratory, the information functional materials laboratory and the environmental and catalytic materials laboratory) and one instrumental analysis Center. IAM has complete research and experimental facilities, with a planning area of 4000 square meters. Under the strong support of HBNU, IAM has purchased more than 20 million RMB of scientific research instruments in recent years, and has a number of modern testing and analysis instruments and preparation equipment, such as X-ray powder diffractometer, X-ray single crystal diffractometer, field emission scanning electron microscope, atomic force microscope, physical property measurement system, ultraviolet near-infrared visible light photometer, ferroelectric tester, impedance analyzer, electrochemical workstation, synchronous thermal analysis system, low-temperature probe station system, pulsed laser deposition system, magnetron sputtering system, etc.


IAM has obtained 1 NSFC general program, 7 NSFC youth programs, 3 Hubei NSFC programs, 4 Hubei Education Department programs, 1 open program of the National Key Laboratory of Solid Microstructure Physics of Nanjing University and 4 open programs of the Key Laboratory of Pollutant Analysis and Resource-based Technology of Hubei Province.