Prof. LUO Man Was Elected as an Excellent Educator by the Ministry of Education in Mauritania

Professor Luo Man, a Chinese language teacher from Hubei Normal University, has been awarded an Excellent Educator by the Ministry of Education in Mauritania.

The award was presented on 19 April 2024. The 2024 Excellent Educator Award of the Islamic Republic of Mauritania was bestowed upon Professor Luo by Minister Mamoudou Niang of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research of the Islamic Republic of Mauritania (Ministry of Education of the Islamic Republic of Mauritania). This is the inaugural occasion on which the Ministry of Education of the Islamic Republic of Mauritania has bestowed an honorary award upon a foreigner.

Mr. LUO Man, who possesses considerable overseas teaching experience, is currently engaged in instructing at the Linguistics Department of the Faculty of Humanities at the University of Nouakchott in Mauritania, the capital of Northwest Africa. The main courses include Advanced Chinese Grammar, Comparison of Oriental Languages, Comparison of Chinese and Arabic Cultures, and Theory and Practice of Language Translation. Mr. LUO Man is an enthusiastic educator of Chinese language and culture. He is actively engaged in the teaching, research, and administrative affairs of the educational institution where he teaches. He is known for his dedication, efficiency, and effectiveness, and is highly regarded by his colleagues and students. In the annual evaluation of teachers sent abroad by the State Council in 2023, Mr. LUO Man was awarded an excellent grade by the Language Cooperation Centre of the Ministry of Education of China and the University of Nouakchott.

In recent years, our institute has dispatched seven teachers and more than 30 volunteers to participate in international Chinese language teaching and Chinese culture dissemination in different parts of the world. Several teachers have been awarded honors by relevant institutions at home and abroad. The conferral of the honor upon Mr. LUO Man is not only a tangible manifestation of our teachers' dedication to the advancement of international Chinese language education and the fostering of a global community of shared humanity, but also one of the outcomes of our cultural exchanges with foreign countries in the context of the One Belt, One Road Initiative. Furthermore, it represents a reflection of the profound friendship between our country and Mauritania.