Confucius Institute

On 30th August, in the board room of the International Exchange Department, the work handover went smoothly between Prof. Che Lubin, the former Chinese director of the Confucius Institute for Northern Ireland at Ulster University (CINIUU), and his successor Mr. Liu Xingchi.HBNU Vice President, Prof. Yu Xiang was present at the handover and delivered a speech.

Che Lubin, the Chinese Director of the CINIUU for 2021-2023, introduced the status quo of CINIUU, summarized the achievement during his term and proposed suggestions and advice for the future work.  Liu Xingchi, who will take the role of the CINIUU Chinese Director for 2023-2023, made the commitment to promote the Chinese language and culture with greater efforts in Northern Ireland during his term. Subsequently, Che transferred relative working documents to his successor.

Prof. Yu Xiang, Vice President of HBNU, delivered a concluding speech. He restated that CINIUU, as a bridgehead for HBNU’s international cooperation and exchange, not only undertakes the important mission of promoting Chinese language education and cultural exchange but also serves as an important link for communication and cooperation between HBNU and UU, as well as other universities in the UK. The smooth handover between the Chinese directors plays an important role in the consistency and innovation of CINIUU’s work. Prof. Yu Xiang placed high expectations on the new Chinese Director, Liu Xingchi, and hoped that he would create a brand new situation and gain new achievements at a new starting point. In addition, Yu Xiang asked the International Exchange Department to provide better service in coordination and planning so as to comprehensively improve HBNU’s international exchange and cooperation.